• Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Yelena provided us with a great service in a very difficult file. She goes above and beyond for her clients and her work ethic is phenomenal. Your work was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Jahan Ghaderi Remax
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    Yelena Markus is absolutely the great Mortgage broker. She is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. We received the best service from her in order to get the mortgage for our house. We highly recommend Yelena . Thank you very much!
    Natasha Heusing
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    She shines where others are lost . If I have to score my experience with her ,I would give her 12 out of 10.
    vigen Shahbazian
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Yelena is a very good mortgage broker. With her help my mortgage was approved within only one week, I will surely recommend her to my friends. Thanks!

    lanx caven
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    YELENA Markus is the best Mortgage broker that I have ever seen. She is very professional and dedicated to give us the best mortgage service in order to have our house or condo. Again thanks you Yelena.
    Joseph Abou-Nafeh
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    I have dealt with a lot of mortgage brokers over the years and Yelena is by far the best one I have ever had the enjoyment of doing business with. She is very professional and excells at her work. I will happily continue to do business with her and refer everyone in need of a great mortgage broker.

    David Robbins
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Yelena has been extremely professional and dedicated to help us get the best mortgage possible. I will be looking forward to working with her again and I strongly recommend her services.

    Pierric Paquit
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Thanks to Yelena. She did a really good job for us while buying our new house

    Alireza Sadighian
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    The best service ever! Mortgage negotiation process was conducted discreetly, showing knowledge, customer service skills and no delay in her actions. Finally and not at the end very good rates.

    Remus Craciun
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Well , if you are looking for someone can really does helps , then you need contact with her right way !!

    She is really a problem solver , working even during weekend to give helpful information !

    for all your requests , she always does 120% efforts to get it done!

    I have bought two properties with her , got amazing rate also everything went so smoothly !

    Trust me , she is the one !

    April ma
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    With the professional knowledge and experienced expertise provided by Yelena Markus , I was able to procure a mortgage for self employed people that was declined at another institution. she is truly great to work with and a overall asset to her profession. Highly recommended.

    kat consulting
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    I have been doing business with Yelena Markus for the past six years and have recommended her to others. She does impeccable, professional and accurate work. Her know how in the mortgage industry helps with problems you may encounter. She explains alternatives she suggests clearly and efficiently gets the job done. Yelena is a person of confidence and one that you can trust with your mortgage needs.

    Carmela Grande
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    I have dealt with Yelena for the purchase of a rental property. She was very efficient and was able to do a lot at a distance which is really practical with our busy schedules! Definitely recommend.

    Andre Dupont
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    First time working with a Mtg broker and Yelena made it a nice experience. Very professional, knowledgeable and always available for clarifications throughout the process. Thank you!

    Delia De Luca
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Very good experience. We really wanted to find a bank that would make us the mortgage loan because our budget was somewhat tight. A friend of ours recommended us to Yelena, and she was a great choice. Very professional.

    Hender Cardona
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    Yelena Markus is the best mortgage experience. Thanks Yelena Markus for being helped me to get faster mortgage.
    tran manh tuan vu
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    the best service from mss yelena very honest work from the heart leave mark for person or client deal with her

    Fadol Fakreddine
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    hi my name is antonio vinci and i have done business relation with me yelena markus in the past,, in the years the i have known yelena and worked with her i have to say that she has the abilities to solving any problem of any matter, she has my highest RACCOMADATION


    Automobile Vinci Inc.
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Yelena offers excellent service, she realized our dream of being able to buy when all the banks refused us the credit because of the credit rating of my spouse ..., it is the rare pearl that did a job great to be able to get credit, and make us a happy and satisfied family.

    I recommend it without hesitation and you will never be disappointed!

    Thank you very much Yelena, good luck in your work that you do with full heart and very soon at our next renewal ❤️

    Kari Yaco
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    A professional service and perseverance that allows him to offer his customers opportunities where the other agents fail. I highly recommend it!
    Rock B.
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    I had twice the opportunity to appreciate the quality of services you have done for me thank you

    rachid ferragh
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Highly available, committed and professional! She will go all the way to help her customers!

    Bianca Donato
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    Service efficace et courtois, Mme Markus est très professionnelle à recommander à tout le monde.
    Mounia Elbaggar
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    A 5 out of 5 for Mrs. Markus !!, She was able to find funding where others have failed, I owe him a whole! A big thank you.
    Bernard Trottier
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    Very satisfied !!

    Yelena was just totally professional and efficient.

    Salah el mestikawy
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval

    I bought my dream house thanks to yelena me who had lost hope. impeccable service at all times and very professional.

    Amel Cousineau
  • Self Employed Mortgage Laval
    Mrs. Markus got spectacular results: she got me an approval of my file when I had no hope, because it was already refused by the other mortgage brokers! I'm really lucky to have called for his services. The efforts she made were impressive, finally everything is done to my complete satisfaction! She is courteous, honest and very competent in her field of knowledge! It is clear to me that she does her job with her heart and that shows in the results that reflect the needs of her clients. Really, hat!
    Alexander Aristarkhov